Thursday, November 5, 2009

Limas House Johor

Limas House or locally known as Rumah Limas is a combination of Malay traditional mockup houses which were constructed at Danga Bay Resort, Johor Bahru.

Visitors can see in detail the unique construction methods and interior decoration of the wooden traditional houses in this show village. There are 9 types of Limas houses altogether which are originated from 9 different districts within the state of Johor namely Rumah Muar, Rumah Batu Pahat, Rumah Kluang, Rumah Pontian, Rumah Segamat, Rumah Mersing, Rumah Johor Bahru, Rumah Kota Tinggi and Rumah Spa. Visitors may also visit the show village at night to enjoy the night panoramic views while tasting the local delicacies.

Currently these mock up of Limas Houses has been entirely demolished and the site has been cleared in order to give way for new developments.