Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Home Sweet Home

This house is strategically located in the city centre of Guangzhou. The owner of the house must be very grateful for having a house right at the centre of the 3rd largest city in China with population of close to 8 million people. By looking at the front decoration, it seems that the owner of the house is using the place not only for dwelling purpose but as a place for preparing foods as well.

The family may even be grateful for their living as compared to their neighbour opposite their house who only occupy a small space of sizing approximately 15'x15' on top of a coffee shop.

Looking at the strategic location which is just besides the main road, the house may be refurbished to become a nice restaurant or a very nice dwelling unit though. The owner may be too busy making money for the next bigger house. Who knows.

The above house may possibly be decorated nicely inside just like this picture if the owner is really serious. While externally, a minor touch up and fresh painting will definitely help to bring up the beauty to the house.

I presume that the local city council is working hard on making sure that the city is kept clean and tidy.

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